Welcome to the blog. Nothing formal, just behind the scenes videos and the odd musing. Latest posts at the top.

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  • We complete a trio of mimic panels
    Completing a trio of mimic panels… One of the panels uses countersunk toggle switches and customers own LEDs.
  • Mimic panel finishing x3
    We paint and complete a trio of mimic panels.
  • Mill Bank mimic panel
    We complete the design and cutting of Mill Bank mimic panel and make the enclosure to suit.
  • Three way frog wiring
    I demonstrate how to wire frogs to Peco three way asymmetric turnouts using our relay module.
  • PCB Manufacturing
    Continuing on with PCB manufacturing …
  • Repairs and manufacturing
    We repair a MultiPanel Processor, Servo Controller and button panel before moving on to manufacturing.
  • Post room and more panels
    We complete our batch of mimic panels with a painting session and complete orders in the post room.
  • Making DCC modules
    Making DCC modules and putting the world right 🙂 It wouldn’t be a video without some mimic panel making too.
  • Testing new transistors on MTD drivers
    Here we try out a new power transistor on the MTB motor driver board.
  • Millers Dale for Buxton Pt 2
    In this video we complete the mimic panel.
  • Blog 16 Millers Dale for Buxton pt 1
    Measuring 900 mm X 200 mm Millers Dale for Buxton approaches the limits if the width if our laser cutter. In this video you’ll see the artwork being prepared for the laser cutter. As there’s plenty of detail you’ll appreciate that it takes quite some time to complete.
  • Mimic Panel Artwork Prep
    On this blog we’re going over the steps to prepare mimic panel artwork for the laser cutter. The mimic panel is 300 mm x 400 mm. Yes, you’ll see the finished result at the end.
  • Route Processor Manufacturing
    Today on the blog we manufacture a small batch of route processors. It’s been a while since we’ve made this product and we only have 10 PCBs left. As a recent rush on the web shop has left us short were trying to do a quick catch up whilst more PCB’s arrive next week.
  • VAT and International Orders
    We frequently receive questions about VAT being charged on non UK sales. This video shows how you can test your basket contents and determine whether VAT has been charged or not. Our website will automatically determine which country you are in and apply VAT as required. This is finalised when the shipping address is entered.
  • Not quite in stock and CAN Adaptor investigation
    After changing the online status of some products from backorder to in stock in anticipation of having them ready the next day, orders arrived for them causing me to drop everything and make a few in time for same day shipping. My own fault, but a nice problem to have. The second part of these […]
  • Servo controller end to end build
    This video shows how much effort goes into starting a batch of Servo Controllers. Shot over several days we follow unpopulated PCBs through to programming and final testing.
  • Hybrid Mimic Panels
    We look at a hybrid mimic panel. Hybrid panels use our control electronics and toggle switches for manual wiring. You’ll see how we countersink the toggle switches using a separate plate to hide the ugly locking nut and washer from view.
  • Toggle switches part 2
    In this blog we work with toggle switches completing the switch boxes for servo-12 controllers.
  • Toggle switches and servo switch boxes
    In this blog we work with toggle switches. Love em or hate em, they are all over your model railway. You can see the effort we go to making a nice pleasing result when they are countersunk and the lock washer and nut are hidden from view.
  • Mimic Panel design and build – part 2
    This video shows what we go through to create a bespoke mimic panel. On this video you’ll see the mimic panel cut and engraved on the laser cutter and finished with a nice paint job.
  • Mimic Panel design and build – part 1
    This video shows what we go through to create a bespoke mimic panel. You’ll see the design and file conversion processes as we prepare the job for the laser cutter.
  • Busy Monday Afternoon
    You asked for a no polish behind the scenes video. You’ll see: – Struggles with a cold pick and place machine. – Parts mis feeding. – Part placement errors (tweaking) – Low vacuum parts due to incorrect pickup Of course, we sort it all out as it’s all in a days work.
  • Making temporary mimic panels
    Daily ramblings from behind the scenes at MegaPoints Controllers. Today we make a batch of temporary mimic panels.
  • Loading mail sacks
    Mail sacks and restocking DCC block detectors. Sheila makes a guest appearance.
  • Post room bliss
    Ramblings from the post room. Preparing customer orders every day.
  • Mimic panel painting
    Cameras rolling as we paint a mimic panel.