This board has user changeable modes for stall or Kato turnouts.

When in stall motor mode it is capable of driving up to six Tortoise™, Uhlenbrock or Cobalt type motors that are either designed to stall or switch off when the travel is completed. Our driver board intelligently cuts the power to the device after 5 seconds of movement.

In Kato mode the board can drive up to six Kato points by connecting to the six output terminals. It will intelligently move one turnout at a time in rapid succession – even if all six are requested to change thereby lowering the power requirements to the board.

The board should be powered by a 12 volt power supply minimum 1 Amp for Kato mode and minimum 500mA for stall mode.

The stall/Kato driver board can be controlled directly from our optional DCC decoder, a mimic panel (our MultiPanel processor) or indirectly via our route processor for automatic route selection and is equally at home on analogue (DC) or digital (DCC) installations.


User Guide

Video – Introduction

Kato and solenoid driver board network address selection


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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 70 × 68 × 20 cm

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