System2 wide patch release

Consolidated patch across System2 product range. We are 60% through integration testing as we write this.

From the pre-release version of the release notes:

All System2 boards should be updated to 06-MAY-2003 patch date or later. See

bottom of these release notes for version specifics. This is a significant

update and changes how the boards communicate with each other. Therefore all boards

should be patched.

New products shipped after 06-MAY-2023 will automatically have this patch installed.


       Internal tweaks to encoded vPort data on the CAN bus. This update requires

       all boards on your network to be updated to remain compatible over the CAN bus.

       We plan on making videos showing how you can integrate your Arduino into

       this system to both read and control almost all aspects. The CAN bus

       changes will make this more accessible when we publish it.

WiFi credential sharing

       Improvements to the WiFi credential sharing are implemented including:

        – Consistent operation across all System2 board types.

        – Faster revocation of credentials with boards returning to operational

        – state after having WiFi credentials revoked (3-5 seconds).

        – Improvement to the DCC module becoming operational following WiFi

          credential removal.

CAN Monitor web page

       The CAN monitor web page has had the RFID column removed. This was used

       in testing during 2022 with the AVR microcontrollers and is now obsolete.

       You can still see the raw packets from RFID data, however they are not

       decoded for you.

       We plan to replace this monitor with something more useful at a later date.


       Some products have had their MQTT library replaced to improve stability (all

       except the Panel Controller and Servo-8 driver). This had the unintended

       consequence of locking the MQTT broker name and preventing users from

       changing it. For the DCC Module (example) this means it works great here

       but not on your site where the broker will be different.

       We have changed our testing regime to prevent this happening again.


       Miscellaneous code refactoring across all System2 products for a more

       consistent operation.


       We tested the RFID readers against Panel Pro version 5.3.5 (beta). The

       RFID readers successfully updated the JMRI reporters data.

Patch versions

       Each product should be patched to 06-MAY-2023 or later. The specific

       product versions are:

              Panel Controller           7

              Servo-8 Driver             7

              DCC Decoder               4

              RFID Reader                6

              RFID Display Driver     5

              Relay Driver                4