Servo Controller software update available

Servo Controller software update version 1.5


NOTE: Version 1.5 software has been fitted as standard from 18-SEP-2017 on all Servo Controllers.

A software update to the servo controller is now available. This update is optional and offers the following changes/improvements:

  • Semaphore motion now smoothly transitions between end points if switches are toggled during the movement.
  • Switch inputs may be inverted to suit your layout needs.
  • Relay support for servo controllers has been dropped as relays are better served by the lower cost dedicated relay driver.
  • Servo pulses are automatically disabled approximately half a second after the final position has been reached. If you have a ticking or buzzing servo this should quieten it. Analogue servos will appear as though the motor has been powered off. Digital servos will continue to hold their position but in a quieter manner as digital servos regenerate the last known pulse internally (that’s what makes them digital servos).


By default pulses are disabled with the signal line held high, however they may be toggled between the following states: a) Held High, b) Continuously On, and c) Held Low.

Please see the Servo Controller User Guide revision 27 for details on changing the modes.

The following Servo Controller board versions have been tested and are compatible with the software update:

1.8f 1.8g, 1.8h, 1.8i

If you desire this software upgrade please follow this procedure:

  • Order the upgrade via the website link here There is a handling charge per board to cover costs.
  • Return your current board to us via post only. Quote your order number and include your return address inside the packaging.
  • The upgrade is available via the website only.

Please do not hand deliver boards at exhibition, we lack the facilities manage in person returns.