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The Route Processor integrates to the MultiPanel Processor and allows one button routes to be set. Each route can switch every accessory within your layout if desired. Up to 24 routes consisting of servos, solenoids or relays are user selectable and can operate turnouts, section power (for DC layouts), gates, barriers, doors and semaphore signals.

Programming a route is as simple as holding down the button for the desired route and then setting all the turnouts etc. as you want them to be. The router automatically remembers what was changed.

The router will also monitor any set routes and sound an alarm if they are disturbed. For example an operator may be at a remote mimic panel 30 feet away and operate a turnout that is part of an active route. The alarm will sound so all operators know the route has been broken.

Routes are also assigned DCC accessory addresses, so a single DCC accessory packet can enable or disable a hardware route.

The Route Processor is plug and play and has similar connections to the MultiPanel Processor V2.


Router User Guide Rev 6 – Current version for version 1.4 boards and later.

User guide – For hardware 1.3 and earlier.

Video – Demonstration

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Weight 43 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 cm

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