System2 Stall/Kato/MTB motor patch notes

Version 6 – Release Date: 05-OCT-2023

Updates to the CAN library to improve hot plug reliability.

Version 5 – Release Date: 04-SEP-2023

Added support for MTB MP10 motors. These are driven by a reversing two wire cable pair connected to the MTB MP10 M1 and M2 terminals. This release is for MP10 motors only. Other MTB motor types are not supported by this driver board. Set motor type to stall to use MP10 motors.

Version 4 – Release Date: 19-JUL-2023

Added support for ‘fixing’ a borked software update. If the software detects missing static files it will automatically try to download in the background. You will not see any update, however the  on board LED will blink  erratically as data is downloaded. Leave the board alone for 15 minutes as it tries to resolve the issue automatically for you. To test, try reconnecting to the main web page. If you see it, then it’s fixed.