System2 Stall/Kato driver progress

We’re on the second version of the Stall/Kato hardware. We changed the connectors from four 4-pin to two 8-pin and shrank the board a little. We opted for this change just to make the connector physically different from the 4-pin power and CAN bus connector.

Stall-Kato Early Product Photo
Stall-Kato Early Product Photo

The software has been written and we only have the Wi-Fi MQTT aspects left to test later this week.

The orders for System2 are relentless (in a good way). This hampers the ability to develop new products. As a rule we prioritize work based on:

  • New order shipping
  • Customer support
  • Manufacturing
  • Development

As you can see it’s at the bottom of the list, and quite rightly so.

The Stall/Kato driver features the new dynamic device assignment, so setting up a number of ports is as easy as changing a parameter in code. This is dynamic at both the C code and the JavaScript code and should allow us to start producing more products faster.

Lined up on the development track next are the 32 port input and output modules who will both benefit from the new architecture.

We’re also going to implement a new input type “stateless”, but more on this later.

It’s hot, muggy and I have to slave over the soldering station and ovens. More later!