System2 IN32 board nears completion

The System2 IN32 board (Input-32) nears completion. It’s an input board for up to 32 channels. Each input can be any combination of pushbutton, toggle switch, points position sensor or block detector.

Think of the board as the input side of a Panel Controller – double the capacity.

Who is this board for?

  • Sensing dense areas with many tracks such as station throats, fiddle yards etc.
  • Mimic panels where there are a lot of switches or levers.
  • Where it’s more convenient to fit 32 channel input boards instead of 16 channel Panel Controllers.

You can mix and match System2, so IN32’s and Panel Controllers work perfectly together.

There will be a complimentary Output-32 board to match this next.

It’s based on a completely rewritten engine and offers the following tweaks:

  • The CAN network monitor is de duplicated.
  • The CAN network monitor no longer displays erroneous vPort data for management traffic.
  • A new push to make switch type that is stateless. This will require a patch to any Servo Drivers. All other drivers have this already baked in.
  • Supports a request for all boards to broadcast their state. Suitable for start of day synchronization on larger installations where the start-up sequence may be out of order.

Above: IN32, a 32 Channel input board for System2.


Above: Yes, there’s a lot you can configure including support for RGB colour lights.


Above: CAN monitor showing vPort data clean-up for management date. Also deduplicates lines.