System2 CAN library updates

A little issue has been niggling me for a while. It’s sometimes possible to cause a CAN bus reset of buss off error when connecting or disconnecting boards. This tends to happen on smaller networks with few boards.

I’m pleased to report we’ve tested an updated library that now is capable of identifying and rectifying the error condition.

We do this automatically after every CAN frame is transmitted ensuring that no board gets disconnected from the CAN bus.

Of course, this is no substitute for inadequate wiring. It’s not complicated, just use a twisted cable pair and good connectors and you’ll be noise immune and reliable.

The library will be updated for all existing products starting with the Panel Controller and upcoming Input-32 and Output-32 boards as these share the same code.

Other products will be updated in rapid fashion starting with the Servo-8 and Relay-8 boards. These updates will have additional functionality baked in. See the respective release notes during the update when they are available.

Updates will be made available via the automated software update process, you just have to say yes.

More on this as the updates drop.