This device connects directly to an LED and your DCC pickups and will provide a realistic flashing tail lamp.

Extensively tested on Peter Watermans Making Tracks layout, it is suitable for housing in a container or other suitable wagon. Also fits inside suitable N gauge wagons.

If you are fed up replacing batteries in other flashers, or forgetting to turn your battery flashers off then this is the unit for you.

Flash rate approx. 2 Hz.

There are four connectors:

  • LED +
  • LED –
  • DCC
  • DCC

The connectors require soldering.

PCB dimensions are approx. 15mm (W) x 16mm (L) x 12mm (H).

The unit also has a stay alive capacitor fitted to mask dirty track.

Average current draw approx. 1/2 milliamp.

Video showing the unit loose and installed on a OO gauge wagon.