An 8/8 port panel controller.

Contains all the functionality of the Panel Controller in a reduced size.

Who is this product for?

  • You only require up to 8 ports.
  • You only require an additional 8 ports (expansion).
  • You want to dip your toe into System2.

The Mini Panel Controller (S2 MiniPanel) is fully compatible with all System2 products and can be used in conjunction with all System2 products including additional S2 MiniPanels, S2 Panel Controllers and S2 IN32 and S2 OUT-32 devices.

All the convenience of Wi-Fi configuration. All the reliability of a CAN two wire network for reliability.

System2 products are only compatible with other System2 products unless otherwise stated.


Read this first

Panel Controller User Guide

Software update patch notes

MQTT Broker installation Guide for Windows 10 (required for Wi-Fi use).


Panel Controller Guide

How to manually connect to your Wi-Fi (updated MAR 2023).

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