This is the control board for your mimic panel. It sits within the mimic panel and controls all the buttons and LEDs that allow you to control your layout. Only requires a single network connection to all other devices on your model railway layout for bi-directional communication.

The panel is also capable of displaying feedback data from block and turnout position detectors.

The MultiPanel Processor can handle up to 192 devices and is used to control Servos, solenoids or relays. The MultiPanel Processor also integrates directly to the DCC Module and Route Processor for additional control options.

All wiring is by plug and socket connector. No soldering is required. The MultiPanel processor is easily expanded in 24’s. Additional  MultiPanels may be linked together for shared control from different operating positions.


User Guide

Video – MultiPanel Version 2.1 new features

Video – Starter kit getting started

Video – Expanding

Video – Manufacturing

Video – Fixing phase errors when using paired turnout motors

Video – Wiring bi colour LEDs

Video – Lever frame mode demonstrated and explained

Weight 52 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 cm

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