Operates up to four aspect colour light signals plus feather.

Common anode (common positive) available now.

AutoSignals are designed to operate independently of any control system and correctly react by reading the track through connected sensors, for example: switching a feather on when points are set correctly through the use of point position sensors or indicating a third or fourth aspect based on how the downstream signal is set. Danger is sensed using block detectors in the section immediately after the on track signal.

Adding manual override buttons or switches allows you to trigger and hold a red signal and enable a connected brake controller (ABC).


This AutoSignal can control any combination of 2, 3 or 4 aspect colour light signals with the following features:

  • User selectable 2, 3 or 4 aspects.
  • Switchable feather.
  • Relay driver (can operate ABC braking or track section power on danger signal).
  • Configurable flashing yellow with 3 aspect signal (four aspects with three lamps).
  • Automatic detection of a diverging route with 4 or 3 aspect (flashing yellow, double yellow) when feather set.
  • Automatic occupancy sensing using either infra-red (analogue) or current sense (DCC) detectors.
  • Adjustable timers to simulate successive blocks on end of scenic sections.
  • Automatic communication between upstream and downstream signals and divergent path.
  • Uses jumpers to set personality.
  • Built in power distribution for upstream and downstream signals.
  • Designed for 12 Volt LEDs.
  • Available in common cathode (common negative) and common anode (common positive) versions.
  • On board test lamps for easy setup and testing.
  • Built in power supply for infra-red sensors.
  • Powered from 12 V regulated power source.
  • Personality is set per AutoSignal, therefore you can mix two, three and four aspect signals as necessary.


AutoSignal User Guide

Introduction video

Weight 30 g