Planned videos

We have the following videos planned. If you’d like to see something particular, please drop an email to with the subject “Video request”. If a particular subject has enough interest we’ll try to add it.

The videos are not listed in any particular order.

Servo 4R – Range selection

  • How to adjust the range and network address.

Relay Driver

  • How to reset and set the network address.

Mimic panel assembly

This will be split into several videos…

  • Enclosure assembly
  • Installing buttons and LEDs
  • New button options
  • MultiPanel hookup
  • Expansion hookup

Adding additional boards to a MultiPanel

A general primer for expanding the MultiPanel including:

  • LED expansion
  • Button Expansion
  • Feedback module and expansion

DCC module – Simple Mode, set address

DCC Module – Gateway Mode, set address

Solenoid Driver – Address selection

Solenoid Driver – Power selection

How to submit mimic panel artwork

Hacking your system with an Arduino

These videos will demonstrate with published example code how to get control your MegaPoints Controllers system via an Arduino:

  • Arduino hookup – servo controller
  • Arduino hookup – multipanel
  • Arduino hookup – feedback

Automatic Brake Control

  • More detailed look and wiring diagram of how to track circuit a semaphore signal and automatic brake controller.

Pull-Up Jumpers