PC Interface early software preview

This is an update on the PC interface software as it currently stands. I have yet to design the hardware and have a number of decisions regarding processor and USB support IC’s to resolve over the next few weeks. I’m attracted by a range of processors with embedded USB driver IC’s, though may go the more typical route of adding a dedicated IC.

Having written the software (you’ll see it demonstrated in the video) I’m looking for help from people who know how to integrate it with popular railway control packages, in particular JMRI.

When this is complete it will provide full layout access via a PC to read and set all turnouts and query all feedback channels.

The software has two main components, an event driven backend that responds to and reports all layout changes, such as a block becoming occupied, a point position indicator changing, or any point being changed. It also has a front end that accepts commands to both query and set the status.

This product is still under development. 

If you feel you can help and have the JAVA skills for JMRI, please get in touch with me via email (address on the website here).

Here’s the video.