Colour light signal controller – coming soon

Our colour light signal controller will be available in limited quantities from August 2021. This unit can manage 2, 3 or 4 aspect colour signals from N gauge to G.

Here’s an overview of the features:

  • User selectable 2, 3 or 4 aspects.
  • Switchable feather.
  • Relay driver (can operate ABC braking or track section power on danger signal).
  • Configurable flashing yellow with 3 aspect signal (four aspects with three lamps).
  • Configurable automatic diverging route indication with 4 aspect (flashing yellow, double yellow) when feather set.
  • Automatic sensing using either infra-red (analogue) or current sense (DCC).
  • Does not use timers on block detection, reads the layout and is always correct when using DCC block detection.
  • Automatic communication between upstream and downstream signals.
  • No programming, uses jumpers to set personality.
  • Built in power distribution for upstream and downstream signals.
  • Designed for 12 Volt LEDs.
  • Available in common cathode (common negative) and common anode (common positive) versions.
  • On board test lamps for easy setup and testing.
  • Built in power supply for infra-red sensors.
  • Powered from 12 V or 13.8 V regulated power source.

This unit was developed in conjunction with Pete Waterman and can be seen operating the colour lights on his OO gauge layout at Chester Cathedral from 16th July 2021.

More information and pricing will be available in July.

Link to the Chester Cathedral Making Tracks event here.