Push buttons available in various colours

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We’ve added five new colours to the push buttons available for mimic panels. New colours include Yellow, Green, Orange, Red (dark red) and blue. The buttons are available as button packs in 12’s and include hookup cables. You can see them under the cables and cable packs category.

Layout Control

Lever mode explained in video

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A demonstration and explanation of how lever frame mode works with a MultiPanel Processor. Lever frame mode is designed to allow levers or toggle switches to operate the MultiPanel in place of push to make push buttons. Using levers the MultiPanel allows you to condense multiple switch cables into a single cable that runs around […]

Mimic Panel

New video – MultiPanel phase errors

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This video introduces a few common user errors, explains how they can occur and how they are easily fixed. Split into two parts the first part illustrates the error as displayed on a mimic panel and the second demonstrates the condition when used with a pair of solenoids configured as a crossover and also four […]