Mimic Panel

Plug-n-play mimic panel wiring video

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The mimic panel wiring video has now been uploaded. This video demonstrates how to connect a MultiPanel V 2.1 (its the plug-n-play version) to a mimic panel connecting all LEDs and buttons to operate a layout. This panel can be seen at the various exhibitions over the next 12 months. The video link is here.


MultiPanel V 2.1 new features video

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See the new features of the MultiPanel V 2.1 plug-n-play board here, or from the videos or product information pages. MultiPanel Processor version 2.1 new features include: Entirely plug-n-play hook-up via pre made cable packs. No soldering (unless you choose to). Feedback display from block and section detectors or points position indicators. Up to 192 […]