Mr. J. Rawson, USA

“Just got the controller.  It took me 12 minutes from the postman handing me the package to up and running on the bench!  Everything is perfect!”

Speaking about our Kato turnout controller…

Mr. Knight, UK

A lot of companies could learn from you re customer service and support, the very best I’ve come across.

Mr. Jones, Newcastle, UK

Excellent product.  It does what it says on the box at a very reasonable price with the added benefit of excellent after sales service and advice.

You can quote us on this, from the owners of ‘Fence Houses’, probably the biggest 2mm fine scale layout in the world!

Mr. Roberts, Wigan, UK

Does what it says on the tin. We’ve been very impressed with our purchases of the MegaPoints system. Installation is quick and simple and the options for control very flexible. It’s so refreshing to find a fine British product developed and built locally. We plan to extend MegaPoints to other parts of our huge OO layout.

Mr. Nicholson, Glastonbury, UK

Gupworthy Junction is a large 7mm (scale 7) model layout and to minimise the wiring a digital control system was envisaged from the start. After evaluating the many systems currently available MegaPoints was selected as being the simplest, most reliable, versatile, and cost effective system on the market. In addition the customer support available is second to none.

Andrew, UK – Mimic panel customer

“Dear Dave & Stephen,

The Panel it’s arrived & wow! wow! wow! a work of art, i am well pleased you have managed to exceeded my expectations, well done a fantastic professional looking mimic / control panel i can’t wait to start the wiring & route testing, your video tutorials will be invaluable. I will definitely recommend MegaPoints Controllers & KS Laser Designs partnership for anyone requiring a professionally made Control Panel a truly work of art thank you for being so patient & helpful & giving me guidance when required.”

Chris D A King, (Kingstanton), UK
“I have opted to use the Megapoints Control System and have found the products do everything that is claimed and more.  A highly innovative and ongoing product with excellent updating, back-up and support.  Plus this allied to some of the very best overall advice and support that I have ever experienced anywhere.  I would like to wish Dave and Megapoints every success for the future – they thoroughly deserve it.”

Mr. Macdonald, UK

I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service l cannot think how it could be bettered.

Keep up the good work you do in providing our hobby with fabulous control systems which are so easy to install and network, I would not hesitate to recommend MegaPoints to anybody.

Again many thanks for your great service.

Mr. Lewis, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

I have found the MegaPoints system of enormous help in setting up our 7 ¼” signalling system. My lack of electronics knowledge has been ‘plugged’ by using boards which work out of the box.


John and Davids experience – Solenoids on OO gauge

David dropped this video on me showing their experience installing our MultiPanel and Solenoid driver boards on their extensive layout.

YouTube videos:    Video 1, Video 2.

Gupworthy Junction

This beautiful 7mm model railway layout is the work of David Nicholson. He is 5 years into the project and uses MegaPoints Controllers throughout the layout including points position indicators, block detection and occupancy display. It is in an advanced stage of completion and at the time of shooting the video has been running MegaPoints Controllers products for over 18 months.

Dave uses some of the earliest MegaPoints Servo Controllers alongside feedback modules, block detection and points position sensors and the very latest MultiPanel V 2.1.

Dave has even created his own fiber optic illumination system for the feedback display on his complex but rather small mimic panel.

I would like to thank Dave for inviting us down to take a peek at his creation and allowing us to shoot a video capturing some of his excellent work.

This video shows just what can be achieved at the more technical end of the scale, even with our latest plug-n-play versions of the products.

Direct YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/7EbrEjPjCq8

Blair Atholl towards Drumochter

Winner of best in show, Perth, Scotland, June 2017. Ian shows us his OO gauge layout. It’s just been refurbished with new control electronics and servos from MegaPoints Controllers. This is its first outing since the refit and its looking good.

Perth Exhibition: http://www.perthmrc.com/page5.htm

MegaPoints Controllers:  https://megapointscontrollers.co.uk

Layout information and background:  http://www.blairatholl-drumochter.co.uk

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/ZObOGu2J27A